Creationism versus evolution 

	I believe this ones the easiest issue to tackle, so we'll start with it first.  
Firstly, IF there is a supreme omniscient omnipresent being, didn't he make the laws of science? 
Now. Follow me on a leap of faith here: why not use those existing laws, to create a vast, 
and differentiated, and complex and beautiful set of creatures? You 7 day people are too 
damn picky. I look at the variety, and vast numbers of creatures/species of flora and fauna 
on this earth, and even an uneducated ignorant redneck like me can SEE the signs of evolution. 
Except for the platypus. That one has me stumped. A duck billed egg laying mammal with venomous 
spikes. Yeah. God has a sense of humor.


	I CHOOSE to be hetero sexual. I don't blame or credit genetics, or anything else. 
Do I dislike or disapprove of those who aren't “straight”? Absolutely not. I may not march in gay 
pride events, but I don't think god hates fags, or anything evenly CLOSELY similar to that. 
At some point, we all choose whom we have sex with. Be it male, female, or some combination 
thereof. I hope everyone knows the love of a special person, and reciprocates that love in some 
way shape or form.


	I believe in choice. That having been said, I've (thankfully) never had to make that 
choice, one way, or another. If forced to? I dunno. I pray on a semi regular basis I never have 
to make that choice. Romans and Greeks used to throw unwanted children on trash heaps. 
So abortion/death at a young age isn't a new issue. It existed in the times of Jesus. 
If it seriously bothered god, why is there no mention of it in Christs teachings?


	I believe god hates haters. Regardless of their denomination, or what it is they are 
hating. So with that said, I tend to lump J. B. Forrest in the same legion as tupac, and EZ-E. 
Hatred solves nothing. And actually does harm. so whether you're part of a recognized hate group, 
or just hold it in your personal views: let it go. Gods a big tough Creator of the Universe. 
He can handle his own problems, trust in him.


	Not to be confused with sex or lust. The woman I love is currently lying sleeping in the 
other room. And she loves me as well. This feeling is something I cant explain, or even truly 
fathom. I believe god loves us all. There is no chosen people who have exclusivity on this. 
There is a term in Greek, borrowed by the Christians. Called “agape” it basically means 
“genuine and deep love” Christians have sort of stolen the phrase, to mean the love god feels 
for us. But they limit it to only Christians. Or only “good” Christians to be more exact. 
I think the term DOES apply. They got that part right. God loves us all with a deep and 
abiding love. Just meditate on that for a while.


	Having never actually died, I'll have to get back to you on this one. 

The concept of a soul

	I believe there is a soul. All creations have it. Mankind does not own exclusive rights 
to this particular treasure. Sorry. Be content with opposable thumbs I guess.


	in Norse mythology, the afterlife is called “hel”whereas the truly glorious vikings went 
to Valhalla, those NOT killed in glorious combat spent all of eternity in a fairly normal way. 
After all. SOMEONE has to provide the goodies for a never ending feast. In judeo beliefs, 
there isn't really a giant pit of burning lava that all sinners are cast into. That concept came 
later. In Judaism, there is simply “Sheol” or the grave. Early Jews didn't seem to speculate much 
on the afterlife it seems. But by the time of Christ, the rules weren't enough anymore it seems. 
There needed to be a reward/punishment system, to help enforce the rules. VOILA! Hell was born. 
Although originally called Gehenna, which is a almost perpetually burning trash heap which 
existed outside of Jerusalem in that day and age.


	I believe it sort of exists. Not as a reward, but as the afterlife. Period. 
Not so sure about naked cherubs playing harps, and lutes. I blame Michelangelo for those.


	this is a toughy. If they exist? I doubt they have wings, and play musical instruments 
whilst flitting about. Many religions speak of angelic figures. Demi-gods, dragons, demons, 
friendly spirits, whatever you wanna call them, I believe they exist in some form. 
Demons are just angels having a bad hair day I think


	every religion has a scapegoat. Someone who does the bad things, and gets all the glory 
for fun stuff. The christian concept of the devil is a bastardization of the greco-roman 
demigod, “Pan” the original name for it, was Lucifer. Or “Luz feros” which means, literally, 
“light bringer” some say this refers to the concept of the morning star, which fits in, because 
in some places, the scriptures refer to Satan as gods morning light. His first creation. 
The highest of the angels. The most glorious of all gods creations. Whilst this character does 
make appearances in the old testament, its not as the great adversary of gods will, but rather, 
a close and well liked friend. God and Satan seemed to chat a lot. Usually about the life or 
lack thereof of this mortal, or that one. The most obvious example, is the book of job, while 
not specifically part of the Jewish tenet, Christians point to it as a proof of the devil as 
adversarial nature, where it comes to the existence of mankind.


     Sex is not a sin. there is nothing shameful about it. I'm not advocating mass orgies, 
but i see nothing wrong with expressing affection for another human being, in a physical manner.
I don't think sex should be relegated only to marriage, however, I think if a couple is in a serious 
relationship, anything other than monogamy should be a mutual decision. I'm also opposed to babies 
making babies. worlds got enough problems without teen pregnancy. celibacy has a time and place. 
everything in moderation, as it were.  Sex has run the entire gamut, from a sacred act, to the 
dirtiest of deeds. I'd put it somewhere in the middle. personally, I think religion should stay 
out of the subject. let people copulate with whomever they want.


	this is the nuts and bolts. The basics for this entire project. Religions are 
ALL full of crap. not saying they're worthless, just remember to take ANY religion, with a 
grain of salt. Anyone or anything that claims anything as DE facto absolute truth, is lying. 
Including me. Like I said. I have faith, that's a completely different story.  For clarification. 
Religion is anything which attempts to explain the who/what/where/when of a deity. Faith is your 
personal choice, on whether or not there is a higher being who oversees all of existence. 
I personally believe very strongly that there is a god. But I don't claim to be able to prove it 
to anyone who doesn't want to believe. I intentionally try to avoid bashing any religion 
directly. I may cite them as sources, but that's as far as I'd like to go. On the flip side: 
I think all religions have good points, that should be observed, and listened to. 
The ten commandments are always a nice safe path. Regardless of beliefs in my opinion. 
They've worked for at least two religions so far. I don't see a reason to change things much. 
The practice of meditation. Its been proven this eastern practice with roots in both Hinduism, 
and Buddhism, works wonders for the human mind and body(and soul) I try to meditate on a regular 
basis. Although for me, finding my inner stillness works better with passive meditation, 
more than sitting on a yoga mat, chanting mantras. I tend to evaluate and accept or discard 
things as I go along. I'm not saying be so open minded your brains fall out, but honestly consider 
something, before discounting it as hogwash. I'm a firm believer in the concept of “chi” or life 
energy. But again I cant prove or disprove any of these things to anyone. So just my two cents 
basically. With due respects to Wicca, and Alistair Crowley: “an it harm none, do what thou will”

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