So. Why am I writing this drivel? I'm certain Internets full of stuff exactly like it. Here is my plan: 
I want to start a non-religion fellowship. A group of similar minded individuals, who sit in a circle, 
and share expressions of faith, love, joy, happiness, sorrow, friendship, and trust. I want to sit in a 
room of fellow non-believers, and smile. I've been mulling this idea for a couple years. And running into 
a serious conundrum. Wouldn't an organized fellowship/religion based on the concept of non-religion be an 
oxymoron? I finally decided to chuck the whole damn thing. Screw it. I'll write this up, post it on the 
interwebz, and see what happens. If anyone's interested, who knows? Worst case, some religious nuts gonna 
pray I go to hell. Best case? I'd love to help found a semi serious religion. How many people can put THAT 
on their resume? I even have the hairdo for it. My wife says two more inches on the beard, she's gonna start 
calling me Moses. If you're interested, or want info of any sort, let me know. My email is:

phone: 918-640-8975

Hope to hear from people soon :)

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