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Welcome to Unreligion wiki

This wiki is dedicated to the religion of NO religion. my hope is to create a place of fellowship/meeting for people who have faith, without the dogma of religion.


  • Hey all, just getting started. please feel free to contact me if you have info you'd like to see added
  • Updated some pages, and got some basic ideas put out there.

The BasicsEdit

Foreword: where to begin? I'm attempting to form a non-religion. As such, I need to make a few things clear. 
I'm 35 years old male, American by birth. I'm bipolar type 1. I am not a prophet, nor do I think of myself as such. 
God does not speak to me directly.  I personally think this is his will? But good luck proving it one way or another. 
Last I checked, he's not holding press conferences very often. I'm not special. 
I have a high school education, and some college. But I'm not an expert, except by merit of personal study. 
I hope this is insightful, and challenges readers to consider the ideology of religion as a whole. 
I hold no animosity towards any one particular religion. I'm a very strong believer in faith. Think the world needs more of it. 
But we could do with a bit less dogma in my humble opinion. 
In Buddhism, there's a saying: If you ever find the true face of Buddha, smash it. This is me. 
Making a really big fist.

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